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What if your body felt like home…?

It’s time to get more of what you really want.

Imagine for a moment the BEST of who you are…

  • What does the BEST of you look like?
  • What does the BEST of you taste like and smell like?
  • What does the BEST of who you are FEEL like…?

Maybe you’ve already felt a sampling? Seen a glimmer? Been there before? Can’t wait to get back?

You want that or something BETTER…Right?

Link arms with acclaimed nutrition and fitness expert and author Cait Lynch and finally make your body your home.

Let’s set YOU up for success. Let’s stoke your fire and uncover what success looks, smells, tastes and feels like to and for Y-O-U.

Your body wants

  • real food
  • restorative sleep
  • intelligent exercise
  • systems that serve you
  • and goals that light you up!

As a nutrition and fitness coach to 100’s of men and women and, as a now reformed, fellow traveller of the I want to be thin(!) magical misery club, I’ve seen and lived the damage that the dieting and extreme exercise dogma creates physically, mentally and emotionally.

It sucks.

What if instead…

You could release excess body fat without feeling hungry and spending hours at the gym?

You could sleep like a baby?

You could skyrocket your energy? Or, bring all of your anxious energy into focus and channel it towards your goals.

How about a big BOOST to your confidence?

Again, what if your body felt like home?

With me you get a nutrition coach, a fitness trainer and a momentum expert on your side, setting you up for success.

You can’t lose.


Get in touch to set up a free, 15 minute phone consult and let’s make a plan.


“Everything fit better, I slept deeply, I woke rested, my anxious mind had substantially calmed itself, I had energy all day long, my skin was glowing, my eyes were bright, and I had the most amazing sense of well-being. I have always been skeptical of weight loss and nutrition programs, but can honestly say [coaching with Cait] was the missing piece of the puzzle that has changed my life.“ Pam Vorkapic, Law Clerk

“Cait gave me an entirely new perspective on healthy food and how it makes a difference in your well-being. The improved energy and stamina that I feel today, at age 61, are a direct result of applying the principles Cait taught me, and I am very thankful.“ Judd Gilks, Retired Internet Technician

“Working with Cait changed my whole life. My marriage, finances, work relationships and my overall being all got better when my nutrition got better. A life changer for me.“ Charlene Wells, Veterinary Technician

“Cait’s nutrition coaching focuses on the needs and lifestyle of each individual. Her advice is grounded in real-life sustainable recommendations that guide each person to choose the nutritious whole foods that work for them, at that time, in that moment or stage of their life. There are no lotions, potions, or magic pills. This is the real thing. An opportunity to get off of the diet merry-go round and choose health and vitality.

In responding to the needs of each person we are guided through behavioural change to truly optimize health and wellness by selecting the nutrient-rich foods that are right for us. This customization and use of real-life food and practices is what works. You can literally see people come to life in a matter of weeks.

Personally I have spent years following all the recommendations for health and weight loss or management. I’ve followed advice for reducing fat, lowering calorie intake, and increasing exercise. After years of trying to do my best and work harder I was exhausted and under nourished. Cait’s coaching has taught me to use whole, nutrient-rich food and a balanced lifestyle to nourish my body and my life. Now, with ongoing training, I am using what I have learned with my own patients and seeing fantastic.” NP Samantha Dalby, Nurse Practitioner, RN-EC, PHCNP, BscN, BA-Hons.

Ready to shine the light on the BEST of who you are?


Eating less, exercising more, diets and fridge lists do not work.


Forget about extreme exercise, food lists, elimination diets, potions and pills.

Instead, reclaim energetic prosperity with NOURISH.

This is your opportunity for custom fit nutrition, fitness and momentum coaching with a coach whose got your back every step of the way.

Are you overfed? Are you undernourished?

Are you overfed and undernourished because you are not sure about what to eat?

What works for you?

Most of us learned what we know about how to feed our bodies from our parents or caretakers.

  • How much did yours know?
  • How healthy were (are) your mentors?
  • Are you curious about your nutrition but overwhelmed about where to start?

NOURISH EXPRESS nutrition coaching program does not include buying any special food or even starting or increasing any special exercise programs.

Like putting together your own wellness puzzle, once we find your nutritional tipping points, your body will respond positively.

This is NOT about running in high heels! I’ll take you step by step, pacing you all the way to success.

When you uncover what works for your body it changes your life because your body is where you live your life.

Get ready to be shocked and amazed by how small, customized changes in nutrition, fitness and mindset make a huge difference in

      • fat loss
      • lean muscle gain
      • mindset
      • sleep
      • digestion
      • skin/hair/nails
      • lifestyle diseases (think Diabetes, heart disease, dementia & obesity)
      • sex drive
      • mental acuity
      • outlook
      • energy management

That’s because everything gets better when your food gets better!

Is coaching with Cait for you?

  1. Are you curious and coach-able?
  2. Are you done with quick fixes and dieting?
  3. Are you ready to stick a fork in over exercising or exercise that you do not enjoy?

There are no special foods, potions, pills or shakes. There is no extreme exercise required. The program is safe for the entire family including pregnant women and children.

Contact: | 705.761.9944


It’s time.

As we age, nutrition is one of the best ways to manage or maintain our health.

Let’s create your custom fit know better, choose to do better health and wellness platform. Bring out the best of who you are to serve yourself and those you love from a full cup.

Let’s set up a time for a free, 15 minute phone consult to see if we can work together to bring out the best of who you are.

Contact me today for no-nonsense, nutrition, fitness and momentum coaching.

Stay curious,

Cait Lynch, B.A.

Nutrition, Fitness & Momentum Coach

Owner, Custom Fit Vitality