5 Motivational One-Liners You Can Use to Quell Negative Self-Talk

Mindset is everything. I had lunch this week with a woman who is wrangling cancer. Sitting across from her the only radiation I could see was positivity. With her mindset and focus, she is sanguine on her prospects for healing and moving forward. Period. It was palpable and a pleasure to behold. And humbling…

Our visit offered me a great reminder about self-talk. What you tell yourself can lift you up or it can take you down. For me, it helps to have go-to mantras when my monkey mind shifts self-doubt into high gear (and high volume). Here are five, one-liner, motivational mantras you can use to quell negative self-talk:

  1. Nothing gets better until you get better. In my mind this starts with food. The more you look outside yourself and point fingers and make excuses the more you spiral into a self-loathing abyss. Whether you are in the belly of self-pity and denial, addiction, grief, depression or just have a case of the screw-its, swallowing this one is tough but necessary to create real, lasting change. So, why not start with something you probably have complete control over? Food. Better nutrition means a healthier brain which means better sleep, better energy and an improved, over-all better attitude to do and feel better. To start, zero in on one nutritional nugget at a time. For example, to feed your brain, you could drink more water, eat more vegetables and add in more healthy fats at every meal.
  2. Do the opposite. Just do the exact reverse of whatever self-sabotaging behaviour you think you want to do. Feel like sleeping in? Get up. Don’t want to go outside? Go for a walk with your dog or take your neighbour’s dog. Don’t like dogs? Embrace the greatness of your own company. Feel like another cup of coffee? Drink water. Want to stop for a candy bar? Go to the grocery store and grab a veggie tray instead. Feel like quitting? Dig deeper. Almost done with your shopping but have a case of the screw-its? Just finish it. No need to think or over analyze, just do the opposite. Get centred and just do it.
  3. Just this. No matter how many things fight for your attention, do you best to focus on one thing at a time. With the family? Put away your phone. Exercising? Turn off the T.V. Cooking? Enjoy it. Stay in the moment. Even if you must continually bring yourself back, it’s worth it. Remember, whatever you do, you get better at including learning to do one thing at a time.
  4. How you do one thing is how you do everything. I hated this one when I first learned it! It just felt like I was a failure at everything. But, I’ve made progress in the last few years by embracing this one-liner. I’m naturally more of a starter than a finisher. For me, thinking of how I do one thing is how I do everything helps me complete simple tasks. I recite this to myself when I’m heading from the car to the house empty-handed. Then, I turn around to get my coffee cup out of the console. This one-liner makes me just fold the laundry now and then just put it away! Whenever I get off track, focusing on how I do one thing is how I do everything makes me re-align with my values and my over-arching dreams. Try it and see…
  5. What’s great about this? When nothing seems to go your way, this one can make you humble and then, it can help you to re-focus. What’s great about losing a job?  New opportunities! What’s great about a friend who lets you down? The chance to forgive or to see them for who they really are. What’s great about breaking a leg?  Plenty of time to write that book!

Bonus: Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Be honest…Are you wasting time with things that are just wasting you? Instead, get clear on what fills you up and do more of that. A couple of years ago I gave up the morning news, my lap top, scrolling on my phone and coffee for a Yin yoga practice, a candle, using my phone as a timer and my coffee (what can I say, change is slow). I missed the news! I went through a withdrawal at first. Sad but true. However, the news brought me down which was a poor way to start my day. Plus, I need the Yin yoga for my body and to tame my monkey mind. The quiet, centred time serves me more than hearing about the same old garbage that fills 24 hour cable news.

[Always remember to stay curious about your well-being and see your doctor if your blues linger or if they become more than you can manage. Lots of people suffer from depression in silence but there is no need. Here is a great reminder that we are not alone and some suggestions on what you can do: The Black Dog of Depression]

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Question:  Got any good one-liners that work for you?