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Dear Fellow Equestrian,

As a lifelong equestrian and after over 20 years in the horse industry coaching horse and rider teams in both the U.S. and Canada, I was curious about how I could develop an effective cross-training program for both myself and for my riding clients.

Until I knew better, for years I promoted, “Eat less and exercise more!”

In 2000, while training horses in Duchess County, New York, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. My fight to regain my health and my continued curiosity to deepen the value of the services I offered for my equestrian clients (both in and out of the saddle), led me to the wellness industry. Since 2004, I’ve studied nutrition, anatomy, fitness, and sports psychology and loved every minute of it!

Fast forward to today…

In April 2016 my first book was published based on my experience after over a dozen years of coaching nutrition, fitness and momentum to 100’s of men and women ages tween to 75+.

Every time I learn something new that can help my fellow riders, I continue to collect it. I distill all the information down and flesh it out in my coaching for horse and rider teams.

My fitness clients say they enjoy significant changes in their bodies after just four classes. And my nutrition clients benefit from improved health and wellness in the first 10 days or less. Some people immediately notice more restful sleep, a brighter mood and energy that they can channel. Less anxiety and more reliable digestion are two more benefits that clients experience early in the program as well.

And one of the biggest changes clients notice is less body pain. As an equestrian athlete, how great is that?

What about you? Are you ready to double your effectiveness and endurance in the saddle to transform your relationship with horses forever?

I offer private coaching and clinics. Please get in touch to learn how we can work together with free consult.

Cait Lynch