Building the Gratitude Muscle: ‘Get To’ Versus ‘Have To’

We’re in the middle of a drought in central Ontario. To conserve well water, the other day I got to sit in the laundry mat. While I waited, I got to write the start of this post (and three others).

I didn’t need to; I got to.

The other day we got two inches of rain! It was time to drag my outdoor sand horseback riding arena and weed my garden. I headed out excited to tackle these two chores. With the rain, I gratefully dragged the arena and did not suck dust. The soft soil in the garden made pulling weeds by the roots easy.

Completing these two chores reminded me of this mantra once again: I get to.

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Hit Bottom, Simplify And Get Back Into Routines


Are you watching the Olympics? It’s amazing to witness athletes at their peak. The work and dedication required to reach the ultimate goal in sports means simplifying life down to this: sticking to routines and many years of narrowly focused training. These athletes live and breathe their routines. They climb and climb, they reach their top, peak and then, they descend. And, they descend on purpose. That’s because athletes of this caliber know that you can’t keep peaking.

And, just like Olympic athletes, we can’t keep peaking either. We are fooling ourselves if we think we can.

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Is My Super Food Your Poison…?

How to learn the difference with a 7 day reset

“Mom, you need to go ride a horse and find a dog.” This was the advice our 13 year old daughter, Lila, recently gave me. Knowing that she is now officially smarter than I am, I laughed and said, “I’m on it!”

I am a big believer in embracing the seasons in life. I’m not just talking about summer versus winter. I mean things like:

  • going to school
  • establishing a new career
  • getting married
  • becoming a parent or grandparent
  • retiring

Things like that.

After losing our beloved dog Betty this spring and completing three big work projects, my kid offered her advice based on a new season I’ve recently entered:

  1. I have a fantastic schedule for my fitness business at Custom Fit.
  2. My first book, NOURISH was published in April.
  3. So I can reach people worldwide, I learned the technology to start sharing my coaching services online. (I’m in the middle of coaching my fourth course: The Nourished Equestrian.)

This also means that I am coming out a highly unbalanced (totally out of whack, if I’m honest) couple of years. When you are in the thick of it (whatever it is), do you find that you stray from doing what works for you too?

Here’s what I have learned from a late spring and early summer of slowing things down: 

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Posture Tip: Don’t Give Up Your Middle!

Do this for more core strength and stability in everything you do.

Core strength…It’s all the rage and just about everyone wants more. But, you can train your abs all-day-long and still have a weak core and a back that aches because of this common postural mistake: giving up the middle.

Are keeping your core connected while you ride your horse, garden, golf or push a baby stroller?

Some people succumb to gravity and dump forward; some people ‘pop’ their ribs and hyper-extend their backs. Regardless, in everything you do—from sports to household chores to driving in your car—always seek to find a neutral spine and pelvis to develop your core properly (and to save your back).

Good news! You can correct this body awareness issue with practice.

If you’re awake, to have a strong core and a stabilized back and pelvis, work to keep your core connected three dimensionally. Here’s a quick video tutorial about keeping your middle (core) connected with good posture.

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A 21 Day Strategy for Custom Fit Vitality

Nutrition for You Made Easy!

For most of us, exercising more and eating less are not working. And today the stakes are high. Many of us are desperate for restful sleep, a level mood and the energy to do what we love. We’re surrounded by processed foods and we don’t move our bodies enough daily. We want reliable digestion that balances our hormones and improves our body composition. We want our clothes to fit!

We know that we need to effectively manage stress proactively to combat lifestyle diseases. We stress about how genetics will come into play not only for us but for our children…

Worry creeps in because we might not figure it all out in time. Mistakes can be costly. None of us are immune from our expiry date—it’s coming. Only we can create the urgency required to take the reins in on our health.

Figuring out the right strategy to thrive lifelong is no easy feat. Even many doctors can’t offer guidance on what, when or why to eat. The dieting industry sells false promises with fad diets and complicated meal plans.

And, one of the main issues is that these diets are usually one size fits all. 

The truth is it’s not your fault. Here are some hurdles:

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BUY the Book! NOURISH: What Are You Hungry For? (Cobourg, Ontario: Blue Denim Press, Inc, 2016)

What Are You REALLY Hungry For?

Could you be both overfed and undernourished? Do you look healthy on the outside but feel bankrupt on the inside? For a moment, forget about the scale…Instead, how are the quality of your sleep, your mood and your energy levels? And, what about your digestion…?

NOURISH asks you to dig deeper into your health and wellness puzzle by helping you discover the answers to these essential health questions and more.

Not Headed to the Olympics? Neither Are We…

athlete“People, we’re not headed to the Olympics…” I had a client who used to say this after class when we circled up to stretch. She was right. Most of us just want to

  • do the recreational activities we enjoy (dance, curl, golf, horseback ride, hike, etc…)
  • have our clothes fit the way we want
  • avoid or limit medications
  • tie our shoes when we’re 80
  • get off the toilet by ourselves until we die

A fitness trend that is not serving many of us (because we’re not headed to the Olympics) is the module that promotes this:

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What Are You Hungry For?

What Are You Hungry For?

As the nutrition, fitness and momentum coach at Custom Fit Vitality, I have worked for over a dozen years coaching men and women ages tween to 75+.  I’m also the author of the nutrition book NOURISH. NOURISH is the culmination my work with my clients and…with myself.

The subtitle for NOURISH is: What Are You Hungry For? And, this is the question that I want to ask you today.

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Tonight, we have the final session for the pilot version of NOURISH 2.0 Online. Men and women from all over the world joined me to link arms on the NOURISH journey for my nutrition coaching program based on my book NOURISH: What Are You Hungry For? I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a fantastic group! I have learned so much from these intelligent, thoughtful and curious people.

The main focus of the NOURISH 2.0 Course is for people to figure out what they are REALLY hungry for. Through the lessons and the NOURISH Community (NC), the answers to the questions: What Am I Getting For What I Am Eating? and What Am I Hungry For? are coming into focus for many.

Thank You & Time to Celebrate!!

In celebration of the spring launch of my nutrition book NOURISH, I’m putting my Complimentary Nutrition Coaching Series from January back online for you to view and share. You can gain instant access to ALL four (4) complimentary videos by clicking below :

Watch The Complimentary Nutrition Coaching Series Now!

You can also learn about the March Session for The Complete NOURISH 2.0 Course Online by clicking here:


Check out some feedback from the pilot participants of the NOURISH Community from NOURISH 2.0 Online below…

Feedback About NOURISH 2.0 Online:

Why Did You Sign-Up?

  • For better mood, organization, sleep
  • To control sugar cravings
  • To decrease body fat, improve digestion.
  • Turning 50 my goal is to be as healthy as can be so I can be a very active grandparent and live a long life.
  • Need to lose the weight.

What Results Have You Experienced on NOURISH:

“My joints don’t hurt anymore. I’m never hungry, and my sleep has improved immensely.”

“SLEEP!!! More energy, regular digestion.”

“Down 2 sizes! Spare tire almost gone. Sleep the best in 43 yrs, more energy.”

“Skin, hair, digestion, sleep & mood improved. Definitely more lean muscle.”

“My results have been life changing. I went to Cait when all else had failed me and I was about to give up on many aspects of my life. I now am a happier more peaceful being and move thru space that way. My marriage and my relationships and my finances all got better when I got better.”

Would You Recommend NOURISH 2.0?

“Yes….to everyone… should be in schools. The way Cait has set up the program and how you learn it can fit any and everyone’s lifestyle no matter what issues you may be dealing with…”

“Yes, I think no matter what your needs are Nourish can have positive effects on your life and health.”

“Yes I would. I have been coming to Custom Fit for years and studiously avoided doing the nutrition programs. I always thought it was just about weight loss but I now realize it’s also about feeling better and I really do feel better.”

“For sure! Because it works! And it is about changing your life…not just your diet!”

“Yes I would as it is a common sense approach to think about your nutrition. Real foods, an eye opener after being caught up in the ” no fat, low-fat ” mentality.”

“Yes I have. It just makes so much sense and once you get past yourself it is so easy.”

“Yes. Supportive instruction, real results, no hocus-pocus, life changing healthy real changes.”

“Yes I would recommend NOURISH because of [Cait]. You bring so much knowledge to the “table”. This is something that should be subject taught in school.”

“Yes. It’s a simple system that teaches macronutrient balance in an easy way.”

“[I] appreciate how [NOURISH] doesn’t dictate what to do, just makes you think…is this worth it? The fact that you can have whatever you want keeps the inner rebellion out of the way since nothing is really off-limits. You just do better when you know better.”

About Cait As A Coach:

“Cait is a workhorse! She will do anything to help serve her clients;)”

“Cait has done an amazing job putting this program together.”

As always, if you need anything or if you just want to get in touch, you can contact me directly at

I hope you enjoy the Complimentary Nutrition Coaching Series and that you’ll consider joining us for the Complete NOURISH 2.0 Course that starts on March 13th!



P.S. NOURISH has something for everyone. When you find something that works for your body, it changes your life because your body is where you LIVE your life.