You don’t really want to lose weight. You want this instead…

Is weight loss a 2017 goal for you? If so, I’d like to offer you a reframe: You may not really want to lose weight. Seriously. It’s true. What you really want is this…You want to release excess body fat. Here’s why:

If you lose weight, you can find it! But if you release excess body fat, you can let it go forever.

To lose weight, simply over-exercise and under-eat. If you do this, you will likely lose lean muscle mass and THAT will make you lighter on the scale.


But, not so fast…

The old ‘eat less and exercise more’ formula that so many of us are familiar with—our go to when we’ve had enough or, that we use as our normal state of being to maintain what we’ve got—is wearing us out physically, mentally and emotionally.

It’s killing our joie de vivre!

Eat less and exercise more: the formula we love to brace against.

Or, that we grit our teeth in a worn out grin and suffer through…It’s the defeating formula that ultimately we fail at over and over and over again…

Diets are based on the unspoken fear that you are a madwoman [or madman], a food terrorist, a lunatic…The promise of a diet is not only that you will have a different body; it is that in having a different body, you will have a different life. ~Geneen Roth

Eat less and exercise more is a bugger to maintain! And that’s because the body is so damned smart.

Thankfully, our bodies are designed to be much stronger than any diet or extreme exercise program we work hard to endure. But, our bodies suffer from our chronic desire to link arms with willpower instead of why power and knowledge about what the body really wants…

And, you might not like the results your body offers up when you don’t give it what it really wants. Things like

  • excess body fat
  • being underweight
  • sore joints
  • sleeplessness
  • moodiness
  • depression
  • monkey mind
  • brain fog
  • digestive issues
  • low sex drive
  • headaches
  • poor skin
  • lifestyle diseases
  • lack of muscle tone
  • no energy or, too much energy with ZERO focus!

Do you suffer from any of these things? What is your body trying to tell you?

Your body wants

  • real food
  • restorative sleep
  • intelligent exercise
  • systems that serve you
  • goals that light you up!

As a nutrition and fitness coach to 100’s of men and women and as a now reformed, fellow traveller of the I want to be thin(!) magical misery club, I’ve seen (and lived) the damage that the dieting and extreme exercise dogma creates physically, mentally and emotionally.

It sucks.

What if instead…

  • You could release excess body fat without feeling hungry and spending hours at the gym?
  • How about sleeping like a baby?
  • Imagine an intelligent increase in your fitness tailored specifically to YOU.
  • You could skyrocket your energy or, bring all of your energy into focus so you can channel it towards your goals…
  • How about a big BOOST to your confidence…?

What if in just 20 minutes a week, you could learn how to eat MORE & exercise LESS to reach your goals?

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Stay curious (and join me),


Cait Lynch, B.A.
Nutrition, Fitness & Momentum Coach
Owner | Custom Fit Vitality

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