Willpower is overrated. Use flow instead…

I wonder if it’s all gone?

If it is, I bet she threw it out.

What if she ate it all? By herself…?

Saturday afternoon, this was the conversation about the left over cake from my birthday between my husband Derek and our teenage daughter Lila . As they returned home, the did she or didn’t she moment of truth was just code for is she getting back into flow or will she just keep ebbing?

A week ago I did a live coaching session for the Eat MORE! Exercise LESS! community on Facebook (EMEL). In it, I talked about getting into and out of flow. I mentioned that I was on holidays for the upcoming week and that my best friend was coming for a visit. It was also my birthday week so, it was safe to say that my stay-cation would ebb and flow. It was also safe to say that my week would mostly ebb…

And, that’s exactly what happened.

But first, I pivoted and did a 180 because #Stella the NorEaster snow storm canceled my BFF’s flight from NYC to Toronto.

Initially, I sulked. Then, I carried on with my holidays. This meant I stayed up late, slept in, ate things I usually don’t and I pulled the plug on exercise (other than walking Viv the puppy).

It was a week of very little grey so to speak, and by the end it was no wonder my family thought I’d either eaten the rest of the cake or tossed it in the trash!

Tomorrow we start our spring schedule at Custom Fit. It’s time for me to press pause on the ebbing so I get back into flow. I need to be in flow so I can help you flow. That’s how flow works. First, you take care of yourself and then you have the energy and desire to help others.

I don’t rely on willpower to get back into flow. Seriously—who can over come those sugar cravings with willpower alone? Not me! Instead, I rely on why power. For me, why power manifests its way to the forefront of my mind with

  • good food,
  • plenty of water,
  • sleep
  • and thoughtful exercise.

When I stay in flow, why power stays with me. When I get out of flow, why power goes on hiatus. When I circle back to what works, I get back into flow and why power comes into focus. I love this! There is no mystery, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. I just do what works and flow returns. It’s so simple!

And, it’s emancipating…Here’s why:


Getting into and out of flow becomes a choice. I’m either choosing to do what keeps me in flow or, I’m choosing to do what takes me out of flow. Knowing this gives me the power and that is powerful!

The idea of getting into and staying in ‘flow’ seems to resonate with the EMEL members too. We’ve been talking about it in our group. Personally, I would rather think about being ‘in’ or ‘out of flow’ than being ‘on’ or ‘off the wagon.’

What about you…?

I’m thinking a lot about flow and I would love to hear your thoughts. Can you take this short, five (5) question survey (click here) and tell me what you think about flow? I’ll let you know what I discover and share any nuggets I garner from what I learn that might be useful for you too.

Stay curious,


Cait Lynch, B.A.
Nutrition, Fitness & Momentum Coach
Owner | Custom Fit Vitality

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