Trying to Quit Sugar? Don’t Bother. Here’s Why…

Losing weight topped the list for a survey I offered the other day about your number one focus for your health in 2017 (take survey). But, right behind losing weight was: quitting sugar. If your goal for 2017 is to eat sugar-free, let me confirm what you probably already know: sugar is everywhere. So, just pull the plug on your plans to kick sugar. Pull the plug not because it’s hard. Don’t bother trying to eat zero sugar because it’s not healthy. Here’s why…(Pssst! You don’t really want to lose weight either but more on that next week.)

If you had a completely sugar-free diet that would mean you did not eat any vegetables.

That’s right. Vegetables have sugar in them and you need them to thrive. That’s because vegetables provide a source of micronutrients (think vitamins and minerals) and fibre. If you strive to eat a completely sugar-free diet that means no broccoli, no spinach, no squash and no carrots! And, forget about berries and avocados too!

I did an interview last week with NOURISH Nutrition Coaching Alumni, Laureen. This 30 something yogini, business woman, wife of a NOURISHed Canadian soldier and mother of a tween, started her NOURISH journey in May of 2014.

Originally, Laureen signed-up to work with me privately to fit into a bridesmaid dress for her sister’s wedding. Once she was through the door, she realized that she needed to overcome her latest addiction: sugar.

Laureen was up to the task. How hard could it be? At that point, she was almost four years sober from an addiction that almost killed her: vodka.

For Laureen, and possibly for you too, it turns out that sugar is just as hard to kick as alcohol. That’s because alcohol IS a form of sugar.

Today marks the (almost) half-way point for our Dry January Challenge at Custom Fit. After a wet holiday season for many of us, just shy of 20 people decided to jump ‘on the wagon’ to dry out this month by going alcohol-free.

Our first week back in the barn after Christmas break, when we circled-up to stretch after Boot Camp fitness class, I mentioned the #dryjanuary challenge. Laureen said she was ‘in’.

No kidding! I said.

I know that one of the reasons people struggle going dry is because alcohol truly is a form of sugar. And, sugar is as addictive as cocaine. The body recognizes booze as sugar: alcohol = s-u-g-a-r.

So, you’re not crazy…Sugar is tough to beat!

Now, almost three years later, Laureen and I meet for 20 minutes a week on the phone for Boot Camp Coaching. As part of the NOURISH protocol, each week we look at Laureen’s food and fitness. We use NOURISH’s TAAP system to do this. TAAP stands for

  • TRACK,
  • to PROGRESS.

Because whatever we focus on expands, Laureen is currently enjoying rock star status. She’s healthy, both inside and out and it shows.

Laureen glows…

The main reason she glows is because Laureen has taken the reins in on the other focus for Boot Camp Coaching: momentum.

Knowing what to do to is one thing, choosing to do it is another…

As a NOURISH Alumni, Laureen also has a handle on the second ‘P’ in the TAAP (P) system: PIVOT. The pivot part of TAAP means that Laureen considers the season of her life she is in at any given moment (e.g. holidays, summer BB-Q’s, vacations, illness, injury, career changes, etc…).

Laureen understands that she (and we) can’t keep peaking.

This means that Laureen continues to wrangle her sugar demons by focusing on what she can have instead of what she can’t.

People who are successful on NOURISH come from a place of abundance—not scarcity. Scarcity is for dieters and NOURISH is not a diet.

Laureen chooses to zoom in on an abundance of healthy fats (like avocado, eggs, and olive oil) and savvy fibre choices. She makes decisions daily about how to NOURISH her body based on her own nutritional tipping points. Through TAAPing, Laureen knows how much of each macronutrient (protein, healthy fats and smart carbohydrates) she needs to thrive. She also stays curious about how much fibre is too little for her guts and how much fibre is too much. 

That’s right—you can easily let your fibre numbers climb to unhealthy levels if you don’t TAAP!

Laureen successfully (and quite easily) keeps her sugar gram numbers between 12 and 16 a day. To be clear that is TOTAL sugar intake—not just added.

The interview I did with Laureen is inside the brand new NOURISH course. In our 25  minute chat, she offers nuggets of wisdom from her NOURISH journey. Laureen also shares one of her actual, rock star food logs in a downloadable PDF.

The means that people enrolled in BOOT CAMP 2.0 get to both learn and steal(!) from this priceless resource!

And, soon you can too…

The brand new NOURISH course is all about: Eat MORE; Exercise LESS. The course compliments but goes well beyond the NOURISH book. The NOURISH course is the proven method to

  • release fat,
  • sleep like a baby
  • and skyrocket your energy.

Right now the NOURISH course is open exclusively to Boot Camp 2.0 members. But, stay tuned…Help to tame your sugar demon (and more) is on the way very soon.

Stay curious (and eat your vegetables),


Cait Lynch, B.A.
Nutrition, Fitness & Momentum Coach
Owner | Custom Fit Vitality

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