FOOD! Custom Fit for Y-O-U: A Nutrition Workshop for Women with Cait Lynch

Join us for an intimate, FUN & informative chat about food!

FOOD! Custom Fit for Y-O-U

An In Person Nutrition Workshop for Women with Cait Lynch

I’m offering a Nutrition Workshop for Women on Thursday, August 16th from 6:30 to 8 PM in the barn at Custom Fit in Warkworth.

Four years ago this summer…

I wrote my nutrition coaching book NOURISH.

In the last four years I have continued to stay curious, delve into new research and work with more nutrition coaching clients. And, like you, I continued to age.

The results are

  • A deeper understanding of what I don’t know
  • AND the discovery of some awesome, actionable nuggets I’d like to share with women.

Besides being a coach for almost 30 years and a nutrition and fitness coach for almost 15 years, I believe the following things are just some of what make me qualified to chat with you:

  1. I’m a daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife and the mother of a 15-year-old girl.
  2. As a lifelong equestrian, I grew up in a body conscious sport.
  3. I grew up with a fat phobic grandmother and father.
  4. At 47, I am peri-menopausal.
  5. I have a business FULL of women and girls in ALL seasons of life: tween, teenage, 20 something, pregnant, post partum, over 35, over 41 (I believe 41 is a KEY transition age for women. It certainly was for me), peri-menopausal, over 50, menopausal and beyond…

So, if you are ‘thin’ but

1. You think you are ‘skinny fat’ (e.g. belly fat)
2. You can’t sleep
3. You are sick a lot
4. Your sex dive is g-o-n-e
5. Your anxiety disrupts your life
6. You’re angry a lot
7. You are depressed
8. Your unreliable digestions affects the quality of your life
9. Your energy is low
10. You energy is high and feels unmanageable

And/or you just want to age gracefully…

Or, you are over weight and

  1. You can’t sleep
  2. You are sick a lot
  3. Your sex dive is g-o-n-e
  4. Your anxiety disrupts your life
  5. You’re angry a lot
  6. You are depressed
  7. Your unreliable digestions affects the quality of your life
  8. Your energy is low
  9. You energy is high and feels unmanageable
  10. Your weight keeps you from doing the things you love

And/or you just want to age gracefully…

Join me for an intimate chat about food in the top of the barn.

In this interactive workshop, I will cover 20+ nuggets that I’ve learned over the last four years. I’ll share my food logs (both the self-serving AND the self-sabotaging).

I’ll answer YOUR questions and help YOU troubleshoot.

In this safe, honest forum—amongst women who are fellow travellers (Pssst! This is what ALWAYS happens in the top of the Custom Fit barn), join us and come away with actionable steps to make meaningful, lasting change that is custom fit for Y-O-U.


Bring at least one question you have about food.

Bring your copy of NOURISH = $10.-

Or, purchase your copy of NOURISH = $20.-

*Teenagers = $5.-

Please pre-register by August 12th to:
FB Messenger:
Text: 705.761.9944

Serious inquiries only, please.

Stay curious,
Cait Lynch
Nutrition & Fitness Coach
Owner of Custom Fit Vitality
Author of NOURISH, What Are You REALLY hungry for? | 705.761.9944

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Things You May Not Know About Tom Curley: A Daughter’s Eulogy

I punched a girl square in the nose for calling my Dad four-eyes. We were in sixth-grade, she was a bully and I’d had enough of her bad-mouthing my father.

Growing-up, the truth is that I spent a lot of time defending my Dad and I know that my brother Seamus did too.

People didn’t understand our lifestyle.

In the country, my parents threw Gatsby-esque parties that went on for days at their big stone house with the Amityville-like, attic windows.

When we moved to suburbia, the lettered-up pace cars in the driveway, cases upon cases of sponsorship hats, t-shirts, beer, coolers and golf towels in our garage were the talk of the neighborhood for the kids and great fodder for disgust for their parents.

It seemed exciting and wild from the outside but inside, it was tough being Tom Curley’s kids. Unlike many who were paid to love and adore him, we just did. We loved and adored him because he was our Dad and because that is what kids do. It’s supposed to work that way.

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What You Need to Know About Carbs (And Sugar!)

The trend to limit carbohydrate intake to lose weight is both popular and effective. Carbs are macronutrients that you can only get from the food that you eat—you can’t take them in a pill. But, from pizza night to your go to quinoa salad to sweet potatoes smothered in butter to your beloved, steel-cut oats in the morning—know this: all carbs register as sugar in the body.

All of them. 

Eating too many carbs means eating too much sugar. Too much sugar could make you

  • over-weight
  • sleepless
  • inflamed
  • depressed
  • anxious
  • sexless
  • and surly…

Here’s another one for you: cancer loves sugar.

So, before your next meal, ask yourself this: What carbohydrates should I eat?

The answer is: Choose smart carbs for you. To figure that out, here are three things to consider.