Our Kid Doesn’t Eat Breakfast

And that's ok with me...

Our tween daughter doesn’t eat breakfast and that’s OK with me. That’s right. Sometimes we send Lila out the door without eating breakfast and it’s not because we didn’t have time to make something or because we forgot to grocery shop. Here’s why our kid often heads out empty:

She’s not hungry because she’s fed.

It’s nearly impossible to make an adult who is not hungry eat. Kids are no exception. When Lila gets up in the morning, if she is not hungry, we don’t make her eat. She is happy to slug down some water and she’s good to go. We are a juice-free house too. Did you know that an eight ounce glass of orange juice has 20+ grams of sugar in it? That’s more sugar than some people eat in an entire day.

Only on rare occasions does Lila wake up famished. This happens after a less than ideal meal the night before (such as restaurant food or take out pizza). Lila’s dinners at home consist of protein in the form of meat (and not always lean meat—we love brisket!). She eats healthy fats like nuts, full fat dairy, olive oil and butter. Low sugar, fibre rich carbohydrates are always on the menu too like cucumbers, greens, squash, and peppers. If we have dessert, it’s berries with heavy whipping cream and a tablespoon of ground flaxseed. So, the next morning, after consuming a nutrient rich meal the night before, Lila’s body is fed; she is not hungry.

Some people are just wired that way. Her dad is too. He doesn’t feel hungry first thing in the morning. I get up at 5:00 AM and I’m good to go until around ten o’clock. On days I work out, I have breakfast afterwards around 7:30 AM. And, breakfast might be eggs and bacon, some avocado or it could be left-overs from dinner and salad. Breakfast for us is not cereal, toast, muffins or protein bars.

What about you?

Are you hungry first thing in the morning? Are you truly starving and if so, do you know why? If you do eat breakfast, are you ravenous again by mid-morning? If you skip breakfast, do you feel guilty because you think you should be eating breakfast? Is eating breakfast a habit? A mantra in your head you live by?