Hump Day Nuggets for You

Less back pain, water and smile!

It’s Hump Day! Here are three nuggets (and a story) for you!

Nugget #1: Got back pain?

One thing to think about if you suffer from back pain is: What are your knees doing when you stand? Are they locked, bent, or in neutral position?

If you lock your knees out when you stand, do your best to ‘soften’ them into a neutral position. This will potentially relieve the ‘pull’ on your lower back and will lessen the strain on your hamstrings. This could help to save your back (and your knees)!

Here are some photos of what I mean:

knees locked


knees neutral










Knees over-bent

Not sure? Try this: Lock your knees out on purpose. Then, imagine someone gently pressed the back of your knees forward, ever so slightly. That’s a soft lock, neutral knee position and that is what you want to have when you are standing.

Experiment with this and let me know how it feels? Many of my clients feel instant relief when they practice this simple body awareness technique. And, once you know it—you can not un-know it!

(FYI, many people do this knee locking out business and they don’t know it. It’s kind of the lazy way of standing up because when you sag into the joints, you don’t have to fire the muscles…)

Nugget #2: Here’s a water tip for you…

In my nutrition coaching program NOURISH, I encourage you to drink 64 ounces of water by 3 or 4 o’clock every afternoon. This way you get your water drunk before the end of the day so you are not up all night long peeing.

Does looking at your full water bottle throughout the day ever make you feel overwhelmed? Are you sipping all day on your water bottle only to find that you haven’t made a dent on it by the time dinner arrives…?

Instead, try this: Use an eight ounce cup and fill it from your water bottle.

Then, drink the eight ounces down immediately— in one or two (maybe three) sips/gulps. Do this every hour by setting an alarm on your phone. This will take you out of the overwhelm zone and into the hydration zone.

Bonus tip: I like my water at room temperature. Maybe you like yours ice-cold or you prefer it hot? Find out how you like your water and see how your intake improves.

Nugget #3: This is a story/mindset nugget for you…

There is a woman I go to yoga class with who is ALWAYS smiling—think big, friendly, Cheshire cat grin.

The other day, she and I walked into the yoga studio together. There is a strict no talking policy at the studio I go to (which I LOVE.) However, we were the first in and therefore, we were alone.

The smiling woman big-whispered to me, “I just gotta tell you that I love your hair!”

I laughed, said thank you and replied, “I just gotta tell you that I LOVE your smile!”

She laughed and said, “I know! I am always smiling!”

“It’s true!” I said. “The other day, I saw you  walking across a parking lot in town by yourself and you were still grinning ear to ear!”

She paused mid-mat-roll-out, turned to me and said, “I love my life.”

“That is abundantly clear…”

“You know,” she said, “if something isn’t fabulous in my life I just ‘snip’ it out. Simple as that!”

“Wow. Love that!” I said. “Words to live by. Thank you.”

And with that, we rolled out our mats and laid there in savasana—grinning…

How great is that?

Need more fabulous in your life? Get ready for summer life!

Join me for a month of private coaching via the phone, just 20 minutes a week. I’m accepting applications now for a week of May 1st start.

Send me a note and tell me why you want more fabulous-ness and I’ll let you know how to reserve your spot.

Here is what people say about private coaching:

The focus is on YOU. No need to feel embarrassed, self-conscious or unsure of yourself. It’s meant to help you, not judge you.

This is beyond worthwhile!! Best thing you can do for yourself. Get real, and get the food right. My guts say thanks every damned day! It is bar none the best thing I have done for MYSELF—so good I did it twice!

Coaching with Cait was not what I expected. It was much more.

I did 4 (maybe 5?) rounds of private coaching with Cait and can honestly say that my life has changed. I was able to let go of some things in my life that were not serving me to make space for the things that do. Including better digestion, mood and the confidence to ask for what I want. Invest some time in yourself, this coaching is absolutely worthwhile, and so are you!!

I looked forward to each call, I always felt refreshed and ready to take on my day, week and tough tasks ahead. I felt very at home talking to Cait and that I could tell her anything. Coaching with Cait has boosted my confidence and has helped me not only find my voice but how to use it in a comfortable way.

Individual coaching for me was amazing. I looked forward to every call. It made me dig deep about my situation and made me refreshed and ready to conquer the world when the call was completed. Cait focused on you and your needs and wants. So great! Worth every minute spent on the phone with Cait!

This isn’t group coaching, it is personalized for YOU! Everything from your food conversations to your fitness to your questions are about you and where you are in your life. My original reason for starting this was to lose fat and to become a better role model for my daughter but it has been so much more than that! I have more energy to play with her, I sleep better, I can better prioritize tasks and finally am learning to say “no” to things that don’t serve me. For once, I am investing in myself and what better lesson could I teach my daughter!

Personal coaching was exactly what I needed to balance the group coaching. It was a chance to really delve into areas I needed to focus on for my nutrition, exercise (more isn’t better!) and the ever-changing seasons I was going through. Distraction is my nemesis and Cait’s ability to lead and challenge me to discover what serves me best, was a game-changer. She also has this uncanny ability to know exactly what I need for my homework assignment! When the second session opened up, I immediately signed up as well as the third session. I often review my notes for inspiration, reflection and to stay in flow. And, the work is never done, so I’m sure I’ll be signing up for another coaching session, thanks, Cait for offering these opportunities!


Stay curious,


Cait Lynch, B.A.
Nutrition, Fitness & Momentum Coach
Owner | Custom Fit Vitality

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P.P.S. If you know you want in, you can register for May here: I want in!

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  1. The value of your programs is measurable to me. I weigh less. I know more. I eat smarter. I am hydrated and all this value translates into my life and those around me. You have shown me the way and I am grateful for that.

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