‘Get To’ Lessons from #dryjanuary & The Magic Kingdom

Our kid has never been to Disney. I know. It’s fine. There are way worse things…But, yesterday memories of my one and only trip to Disney came flooding back to me. I was around eight years old (I think) when I went to the Magic Kingdom with my grandfather. As I remember, after a short stint in rehab for alcoholism, my grandfather (Mac) needed a change of scenery  and enlisted me as his sidekick.

You might ask, “Who sends their eight-year-old on a trip with a newly recovering alcoholic?” My parents. Here’s why…

A ridiculously high-functioning alcoholic, Mac was a doctor and a colonel in the U.S. Army. He was a rock. Good enough right? It was for me because that trip remains one of my fondest childhood memories.

The memory of my grandfather and our trip flashed-up for me yesterday for three reasons:

#1 We are one week into #dryjanuary at Custom Fit. This means that about a dozen of us are going alcohol-free this month. (If you want in, send me a note—it’s never too late. As I say in my Boot Camp Coaching calls—accountability is emancipating!)

For support, those of us who are ‘in’ tease each other in class, we text stories and we check-up on our ‘status’ in our Custom Fit Facebook group.

Whether each person finds going dry this month easy or not depends on many things. I think the top three are

  1. habit,
  2. self-medicating,
  3. and (possible) addiction.

I will tell you that my sugar cravings are up a bit this week. That’s because alcohol is sugar and when you take it out, you naturally want to replace it with SUGAR! (I think this is why I hear they stock every AA meeting with candies and donuts.)

So, just being aware of keeping my healthy fats up daily helps me tame the sugar train. For me that means avocado and nuts every day.

I’ve done this before—gone dry. There was absolutely no alcohol during my pregnancy and I’ve tested myself through the years with dry periods just to dry out and, given my lineage, just to make sure that I could.

I can and I am.

#2 Yesterday, I received some health news from a long time client and friend that made me rock back on my heels and take stock of my life. Doing so brought me again to the Disney story. As I said, our thirteen-year-old daughter, Lila, hasn’t been to Disney. But…she’s almost been—twice.

Twice. Twice we almost went!

Once, the trip was offered, all-inclusive, by my dad but we had some lame excuse about a conflict with work. The second time, we saved the money, made a plan and then, we felt guilty and paid-off some debt instead…

As I said in the Eat & Be Merry 5 Day Challenge, guilt is a worthless, conscious emotion. This simple statement resonated with many of you during the challenge and I’m glad. #takethereins

Yesterday I thought of Lila who will—in blink-time—soon be an adult. She’ll say to her kids, Yeah, your grandparents almost took me to Disney not once but twice! They just couldn’t get their priorities straight.


#3 It’s A Small World…That was the ride that I loved the most on my trip with Mac. And, it’s true. It is a small world, our time is short and we need to make the most of it.

Now, you might be thinking—so why bother with #dryjanuary! but I already touched on that above…

The median age of our clients at Custom Fit is roughly my age—soon to be 46. This means I have clients in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. These men and women share wisdom that inspires me to be better and to live more fully. And by fully, I don’t mean busy.

Yesterday, we went out for dinner on a gift certificate from a family I admire who seem to have their priorities straight. At dinner, we decided that this year, we’re finally taking our trip. Lila is ecstatic and so is Derek. I am too.

We never know when our expiration date is coming but it is…

A major theme at Custom Fit is we get to. And this year our focus is on simplifying and expressing more gratitude. Urgency, or lack there of, is part of the problem for some of us when it comes to choosing to get out of our own way. That’s perhaps why we waste so much time making a commitment to look after our health (#dryjanuary) or why we hesitate to take trips of a lifetime (#goingtodisney).

So, my question for you is: What is your number one priority for your health this year?

Would you send me a note and let me know? I’m curious…

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it and you. If you want in for #dryjanuary, seriously, send me a note and you’re in. Perhaps we’ve done the work before but, the work is never done…

Stay curious,


Cait Lynch, B.A.
Nutrition, Fitness & Momentum Coach
Owner | Custom Fit Vitality

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2 thoughts on “‘Get To’ Lessons from #dryjanuary & The Magic Kingdom

  1. Getting further ‘over the hill’ has given me more first hand experience with the reality that there is indeed an expiry date for all of us. Despite my belief that I could handle whatever was thrown at me, I’ve had to revaluate. Last year’s mission was to let the world get on with itself and not try to be in charge. This year I ‘get to’ turn further inward and integrate the spiritual lessons of the past year so they align with the rest of my regime. I take good care of myself physically but feel like I need to consider the effects of stress on me.

  2. The number one priority for my health this year is to create balance. How will I know if I have balance? I think it will be when my nutrition and exercise help me to understand that I can do anything. Anything, it makes me feel comfortable enough (confident) to be spontaneous. Let’s do, or go ——– and I am health with both mind and body to say sure, as I have the mind set that I “get to”. This was my first thought without overthinking which I tend to do

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