PODCAST: The Point Is, Embrace The Season You’re In

We are what we consume, don’t you think?

And, I’m not just talking about food and Netflix! I’m also talking about what we are listening to. So, my question for you is…What are YOU listening to?

Podcasts. Are you listening to them? They are everywhere! And, we love them. What about you?

I love that you can listen to podcasts as you drive, walk, rest, exercise, clean your house, groom your horse—whatever!

The truth is people want to be seen, heard and validated. And, everyone has a story to tell. I love stories! And so does my good friend Laureen Partington.

So, we started a podcast and we’re calling it: The Point Is. (Of course there is a story behind the title, which we’ll share in a future podcast.) Meantime, we’d love to have you check it out!

To get started, we have three episodes in the vault. Our plan is to post a new podcast every Sunday morning on or before 8:30 AM EST.

You can find The Point Is podcast here: https://anchor.fm/cait-lynch

As a THANK YOU for listening, we’re giving away a bunch of free resources!

To get started, you can find them by clicking on FREE RESOURCES in the menu above and the drop down options will offer some fitness videos, à la Custom Fit Style.

Just for listening, you can have access 29+ coaching videos, anytime.

There are form and technique tutorials, CORE and Pilates sessions, HIIT work outs and yoga and yin yoga practices. Check them out!

(Pssst! These videos are several years old. And, things change! Therefore, so does my coaching. So, take what you can out of the videos and keep an open and curious mind. Connect with us on Facebook or get in touch for more if the spirit moves you.)

We have lots podcasts coming soon! And, we’re excited to share them with you if you’re game to listen.

Again, here’s the link to our new podcast,

The Point Is: https://anchor.fm/cait-lynch

There’s a free app called ANCHOR that you can download to your phone. You will find all of our episodes right at your finger tips.

Stay curious,

Cait Lynch, B.A,

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Owner, Custom Fit Vitality

Author of NOURISH