Eating Well On The Road: 3 Potholes

Here’s the thing: food discriminates. There, I said it. I said it because you need to know. It’s disappointing, I agree. I feel disappointed sometimes too…

I like avocado and you can’t stand the texture. I like my steak rare and you order yours well-done. I won’t eat protein bars and you can’t live without them and chow them down daily. I love broccoli but you won’t touch it! Your cousin can live on junk food and not gain an ounce. If you even look at a piece of cheesecake it ends up on your belly!

Food discriminates. And, this may be especially true when you are on the road…

We all have our likes and dislikes. That’s called being human. But, here’s the other thing, and it’s the most important when it comes to your health:

Nutrition does not discriminate.

At work, on the beach or at your kitchen table, you are either nourishing yourself (and your family) or you are not. And, if you’re not, you could be over-fed but undernourished or, you under-fed and undernourished.

I even have some clients who are well nourished but over-fed!

Here’s what I think nourishing means:

  • adequate protein daily (a minimum of 46 grams a day for women and 56 grams a day for men)
  • plenty of healthy fats (from sources like full fat dairy, nuts, avocados, olive oil and eggs)
  • smart carbohydrates (smart means fibre rich and low sugar—like berries, cauliflower, cucumbers and green beans)

I’ll add one qualifier, and it’s a big one…

For y-o-u.

This means that, like I said above, your mileage with food varies. In my experience, staying curious based on whatever season of your life you are in at the moment is key to maintaining your health and enjoying life as you age. Think teen years, athletic years, pregnancy, prepping for a marathon, injuries, taking the trip of a lifetime, illness, retired, etc…These are all seasons in your life.

It’s interesting that in many cases the only time you may care about your food (and not necessarily about your nutrition) is when you have a monumental moment in your life or a health scare.

I’m talking about the big ones like a wedding or a heart disease or diabetes diagnosis.

If excess body fat (that can be hard on the joints, the heart and the self-esteem) and not enough fibre (that can be hard on the guts and your brain, and your hormones, and your sleep, and your sex drive) doesn’t seem to shake you up enough to take the reins in on your nutrition, it might be time for some help before business really picks up and not necessarily in your favour—see health concerns above!

Sure, you can diet and work out like a fiend. But, that’s not the same…

The body doesn’t understand counting calories and it doesn’t care that you did an extra pull-up at Boot Camp, or that you held plank for a few seconds longer in some Facebook challenge or that you ran an extra mile last Sunday…The body just doesn’t care. And that’s because the body discriminates too! The body wants what it wants—period. End of discussion.

What about every day thriving?

Does just feeling great daily make the list for you? Or, do you live comfortably uncomfortable—all the time. And, if you do, are you ok with that? Are you sure…?

One issue for you might be eating well when you are on the road.

Not only does the body want what it wants, the body responds to what you do a regular basis. If you travel a lot for business or for pleasure or, even if you just hurtle the roads weekly or daily running errands, maybe you find eating away from home a challenge with lots of potholes! You are not alone—a lot of people do.

Here are some potholes you might fall into when trying to nourish yourself on the road:

  1. There’s nothing healthy to eat on the road. So, you go through the drive-thru or, you skip dinner, grab something from the vending machine and head to the hotel room to ‘click away’ until you fall asleep.
  2. You don’t want to drink water because you’ll have to pee. So, you come home or to your hotel room dehydrated. It’s been a long day so you reach for a beer or a glass of wine (or two) instead of water.
  3. You work hard so you deserve to eat what you want. Seriously. You work many hours or you’ve travelled a lot of miles for this vacation! You deserve the fish and chips, that banana split, that Chinese food, that…

Bonus pothole: You are polite. You have things you know you need to eat (or not eat) to make you run your best but, one the road you don’t want to put anyone out or make anyone feel uncomfortable. If everyone is ordering pizza, you better eat it too. It’s not their problem that you don’t eat grains, that you are Celiac or Diabetic or that you need ice for your cooler full of cut-up veggies and healthy dip.

But, nourishing yourself on the road doesn’t have to hard.

It does, however, take a little planning. Here are 7 Nuggets to help you eat better on the road: (Psst! click button the below and I’ll send you a PDF cheat sheet to download.)

Need more help?

There is more to nourishing yourself than just eating well. If you want help, here are some options for you:

NOURISH NUGGETS is made up of a series of short (three to eight minute) videos of me sharing what you need to focus on to get started with your food.

EMEL includes an online library for recipes, work outs and nutrition and fitness resources plus a member only Facebook group (that is active and very helpful!).

Private Coaching with me starts May 1st and includes an extra coaching session because May has five weeks AND because we’re celebrating nine years of Custom Fit Boot Camp at the barn (yay!). This means if you invest in yourself in May you will have five (5), weekly coaching sessions instead of four to get your pointed with your food and fitness.

Stay curious and let me know if I can help!



Cait Lynch, B.A.
Nutrition, Fitness & Momentum Coach
Owner | Custom Fit Vitality

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