Boot Camp

High Intensity Intelligent Interval Training

Boot Camp At Custom Fit

custom fit’s Boot Camp is high intensity, intelligent, intentional, interval training. There is no running component to this class. Form and technique are paramount. Participants earn the right to progress through modifying to make training grids easier or more challenging depending on ability.

  • Join us if:
    • You are healthy and injury free.
    • Exercise is already part of your weekly routine.
    • You want to cross-train for your sport of choice.
    • You want a running-free option for cardio training.
    • You enjoy the camaraderie of a group for motivation.
    • You are coachable and open to new opportunities.
  • NOTE:
    • Boot Camp is held year round in the top of our century-old barn.
    • Dress in layers and bring water to class.

Ready to start?

You can try any three classes at Custom Fit with our NEWBIE Package. Get in touch anytime with your questions or concerns.

Stay curious,

Cait Lynch. B.A.

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Owner, Custom Fit Vitality