Willpower is overrated. Use flow instead…

I wonder if it’s all gone?

If it is, I bet she threw it out.

What if she ate it all? By herself…?

Saturday afternoon, this was the conversation about the left over cake from my birthday between my husband Derek and our teenage daughter Lila . As they returned home, the did she or didn’t she moment of truth was just code for is she getting back into flow or will she just keep ebbing?

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5 Motivational One-Liners You Can Use to Quell Negative Self-Talk

Mindset is everything. I had lunch this week with a woman who is wrangling cancer. Sitting across from her the only radiation I could see was positivity. With her mindset and focus, she is sanguine on her prospects for healing and moving forward. Period. It was palpable and a pleasure to behold. And humbling…

Our visit offered me a great reminder about self-talk. What you tell yourself can lift you up or it can take you down. For me, it helps to have go-to mantras when my monkey mind shifts self-doubt into high gear (and high volume). Here are five, one-liner, motivational mantras you can use to quell negative self-talk:

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It’s Spring! Are you making this fitness mistake? [Want a FREE strategy session with me?]

Spring is almost here and you are done hibernating. You are ready to get back into shape. Maybe you want to shed some winter pounds or, perhaps you want to get fit for your spring sport. The four-minute video below is a segment from this week’s LIVE coaching session in the Eat MORE! Exercise LESS! Facebook group. In it I share something you might be tempted to do this time of year that may not serve you.

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