There is something very special about Custom Fit. It is a welcoming, inspiring, and authentic environment where people grow both in their physical fitness levels and emotional well-being. Cait is not afraid to tackle real issues and put them at the forefront where we can learn from each other. —Jo A.

This not the gym. Custom Fit provides clients with a fun, comfortable environment where they are able to both learn and get into the best shape of their lives. —Brian T.

Cait’s not tough…She just has really high standards. That is why I keep coming back after all these years. —Anonymous

Cait Lynch is an innovative teacher who shares her enthusiasm and talent with the Trent Hills community. She is able to inspire youngsters and men and women of all ages to achieve their personal goals. —Cyndie G.

We’re not talking about cookie cutter fitness. Variety is one of Cait’s specialties. And, thankfully, so is dependability and loyalty to her clients. —Joshua C.

Cait’s passion for health and fitness is contagious—she’s the coach that every person should have! She brings years of expertise to her role as a personal trainer. Cait is always willing to answer questions or help find a solution. Her positive spirit and living example of a healthy lifestyle push me to stay curious about myself. —Jo C.

“To motivate people to live authentic, abundant and balanced lives…” Cait Lynch leads by example. —Jay F.

By profession, I am a registered nurse and as such, was impressed from the start with Cait’s commitment to her work. As participants at Custom Fit, we feel confident that Cait’s goal is to help us make the best of what we have as individuals. We are never pushed to “keep up” but instead are always encouraged to do the best we can for ourselves. Safety is always a number one concern for Cait. —Virginia M.

Having such a knowledgeable instructor is a privilege for all of us. —Nancy G.

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